Colorado State Rep HD 22

About Loren

Loren Bauman 

Loren has lived his most of his life in southwest Jefferson  County. He graduated from Chatfield Sr High in 1991 and went on to get his Associates Degree and received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Northern Colorado in 1995.  

Loren is one of the owners of Jared’s Nursery, Gift and Garden along with his brother Aaron and their mother Juanita.  The family business has been open for 35 years.  Loren understands what it means when government overreaches into our homes and in business. He knows how one change can effect the family.

Loren is very concerned about what our overreaching state government is pushing on its citizens. From increased fees, to the legislature using its power to make it difficult for  small and large business to expand.  Join Loren in fighting our state government. It is a government for the people by the people.


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